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Ok, that sounds pretty serious of a warning to me. I have no idea why, but thanks. Also, could you please elaborate?
Here is the deal, I am currently at least at 16% bodyfat. I have not measured it, but I have been dieting since last december, i was 142kgs back then, now I am 106,5kg. Should equal something like 235 pounds or so.
My coming cycle is for muscle gains and strength. It consists of dbol, test-cyp and winstrol. I am expecting to gain some waterweight that I intended to fight off with some AIs. However, i did not want to go too strong on that, since im on winny in the end and the estrogen could be good for my side joints.
I read that Clenbuterol had anti-katabolic or maybe even anabolic effects. So I was thinking that during my pct, I could shed some fat while keeping my muscles. So was thinking about using clen as part of PCT. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, then 2 weeks on again and my pct tamodex vs nolvadex side would be over. I was planing on using aromasin, nolvadex and HCG for my recovery.
I am so incredible thankfull for these boards, I have learned so much over the years i been a member here, so once again I am all ears to you guys on this matter.


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