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They must have changed them. I haven't postafene zwangerschap bijsluiter nolvadex used them in a long time. I have used quite a few test kits, and had decent results early on. The last kit I got was trash and very inconsistent. I have a bunch of var that tested positive thats garbage. Plus I had some watson test cyp that failed testing. Just do some research on colorimetric testing, and how inaccurate it is. Even the testing that cops use to identify illegal drugs are very inaccurate. You can find instances of these tests giving false positive results when testing things like aspirin, hersheys chocolate, and chalk.
Labmax is the same method, I will post an article that directly mentions labmax. It has a little part about an old forum member that used to push the kits on forums. He also gets into the science of it. I will post it tomorrow its late.
Do you have much experience with nolvadex good anavar?


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