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If you want every year significantly to gain muscle mass, your routines diet should contain carbohydrates. But many of us get fat from just one word “carbohydrates.” What should do such people? Never eat carbohydrates out of fear that they will get fat or leave bodybuilding?

In this article will focus on methods that will keep the accumulation of fat under control without sacrificing hypertrophy.

Manage carbohydrate consumption

During bulking cycle you need insulin production. This is a highly anabolic hormone, as well as extremely anti-catabolic. Combining these two features guaranty you’ll get an amazing recipe for gaining muscles.

The constant use of large quantities of carbohydrates for most people will lead to accumulation of fat. It’s amazing to take notice how every day scales shows weight increasing. But looking in the mirror in few months, do not be surprised if you find a reflection of a sumo wrestler.

Next will be presented several ways of controlling the intake of carbohydrates in order to gain lean muscle mass. Try each of them to find the best approach for you.

A small note: these methods are not suitable for fat people

These approaches of nutrition suppose that you should be relatively thin (visible press and with the lack of excess fat on the lower back). If it is not your case, before using one of these methods, focus on losing weight.

When you become slimmer, you can afford a very different ratio of nutrients in the diet, and your body will not be predisposed to the conversion of extra calories into fat. In our plans always intervenes genetics (eg, it matter if you have insulin resistance or not, dominate in your physique endomorphic features over ectomorph, etc.), but in this case you will do better if you first lose weight.

Method # 1: A targeted approach read more »


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