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I've had some Stan for a while but never got round to taking it. I have it in tablet form.
I've been reading so much stuff about it, but the only thing that is not clear is how many mg to take per day!
I'm male, age 22, 6 ft height, 83kg weight.
I have literally read dozens of articles about this, but all of them state different dosages like 5-10 mg daily, 15-25 mg, 25-50 mg, even 100 mg!
I'm not really looking for a precise number like 23.575 mg daily but these numbers above are almost like double of each other. If half peope said take 10 mg and the other half said take 20 mg, then I'd take 15 mg, but these numbers are so far apart!
If you know an answer please post a reply. I will see what the majority say or just gauge an average or something.
Thank you very much!


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