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NOLVADEX is the brand name by AstraZeneca(sp) for Tamoxifen Citrate. Tamoxifen is the main ingredient. Citrate is an acid tamoxifen is dissolved in.
Like ADVIL is the brand name and Ibuprofen is the main ingredient.
The ratios you are referring to are the actual main ingredient Tamoxifen in the acid, citrate. Basically, tamoxifen is dissolved in citrate, an acid.
Like Ephederine HCl, the ephederine is dissolved in HCL, hydrochloric acid. It has to do with neupro pleister bijsluiter nolvadex solubility. Tamoxifen does the estrogen binding while the citrate is an acid the tamoxifen is dissolved in.
A 10mg of tamoxifen (one 10mg tablet) = 15.2mg of TAMOXIFEN CITRATE
A 20mg of tamoxifen (one 20mg tablet) = 30.4mg of TAMOXIFEN CITRATE
Again, NOLVADEX is the brand could have been named shiatADEX but still have the main ingredient tamoxifen in a citrate acid. Tons of shiat are dissovled in citrate...for instance clomiphene citrate(clomid), Sildenafil citrate(viagra), etc. Also, tons of shiat are dissolved in HCL.
Tamoxifen is what's doing all the work while the citrate is just an acid the tamoxifen is dissolved in.
Here, read for yourself. Straight from Astrazeneca:


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