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Forget Clomid and Nolvadex FORMA-STANZOL is the Ultimate Post Steroid Cycle Recover Compound – and More!

FORMA-STANZOL is a designer supplement that’s extremely effective at nolvadex helping you keep hard-earned muscle gains and avoid disastrous side effects after a steroid cycle. This compound works as a “suicide aromatase inhibitor,” natural selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), progesterone/prolactin reducer and an SHBG inhibitor – all rolled into one. The end result is that FORMA-STANZOL not only lowers estrogen in your body following a cycle, but also significantly lowers the amount of estrogen that your body makes.
What’s more is that this designer product turns into an anabolic agent at higher doses and creates anabolic/androgenic effects that are quite similar to the steroid Primobolan Depot. As if this isn’t enough, FORMA increases IGF-1 levels by 26% or more and boosts HPTA and testicular activity, much like the powerful combination of Clomid and HCG.
Okay, at this point you might be thinking that I’m just pulling facts out of my butt while hawking another run-of-the-mill supplement. However, FORMA-STANZOL is far more than just a generic product that some chubby, middle-aged man buys at GNC during his mid-life crisis. Instead, it began as a prescription drug in the United States and remains a prescription drug in other countries under the name Lentaron I.M. Depot®.
Unfortunately, the stingy US government banned Lentaron I.M. Depot® because this aromatase inhibitor was deemed “too anabolic.” Plus this drug was already losing favor because it had to be taken through injections. Luckily, MR. Supps found a legal loophole regarding Lentaron I.M. Depot® and has brought it back as an easy-to-use, subdermal lotion. MR. Supps added the following ingredients to the existing formestane (suicide aromatase inhibition and progesterone reducing effects) to increase this compound’s effectiveness:
25mgs DIM
7,8 Benzoflavone (99%) 25mg
Chrysin 4mg
Horse Chestnut seed extract 8mg
Thanks to the existing formestane and added elements, FORMA-STANZOL works better than the industry’s current prescription aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex, Femara, Aromasin and Cytadren, as well as common Post Cycle Therapy drugs like Clomid and Nolvadex. And what’s great is that you can get it for far cheaper than the aforementioned drugs!
Rather than continuing to ramble on about how great FORMA is, I’ll just skip to how this product works, cover exactly why it’s better than typical PCT drugs, and answer some common questions that athletes have about this designer supplement.
How does FORMA-STANZOL work?
Due to the 100mg of formestane contained in FORMA-STANZOL, this product can bind to an aromatase enzyme in a permanent and irreversible manner, thus rendering it inactive. The result is that aromatase enzymes gradually reduce in the body and estrogen levels diminish as well; subsequently, testosterone production increases afterward.
Another important characteristic of FORMA-STANZOL involves its SERMs/Phytoserm effects. SERMs bind to estrogen receptors (ER) and inhibit estrogen production at the ER. Of course, Clomid and Nolva can create the same effect, which is why they’re popular for PCT. However, these drugs lack an aromatase inhibitor and can actually make your body produce more estrogen (covered later).
Moving to the 7,8 Benzoflavone contained in FORMA, this neuro-active flavone can pass through the blood brain barrier and block GnRH suppression through modulation of the GABAergic complex. 7,8 Benzoflavone also serves as an aphrodisiac and increases one’s general self-confidence and well-being.
When you up the dosage of FORMA-STANZOL, you start seeing the positive anabolic/androgenic effects that promote lots of muscular growth. The compound also pulls water from the application site and drives this water to the muscles – creating thinner skin, thicker muscles, and a ripped vascular appearance.
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What are the Overall Effects of using FORMA-STANZOL?
Adding pounds and pounds of rock-hard muscle through cycling is pretty much useless if you can’t keep any of the gains. This is where FORMA comes in because it helps people keep hard-earned muscular gains following a cycle, lower estrogen levels, and prevent potential steroid aftereffects such as gyno, baldness, testicle atrophy and prostate enlargement.
So if you’ve been cycling Deca Durabolin, Danabol, Sustanon and Arimidex, for example, using FORMA-STANZOL during PCT is an excellent way to keep what you’ve gained. And in the end, you come away from your steroid cycle with a lean, chiseled look – rather than a disproportioned, puffy nipple-having, man boob-sporting wreck of a body.
What makes this Product any Better than Clomid and Nolva for PCT?
As alluded to before, many people use Clomid and Nolvadex because they inhibit estrogen production at the ER. For this reason, few people who already use these SERMs are willing to give them up and try something new.
However, the major problem with Clomid and Nolva is that they stop estrogen that’s already in the body, but do nothing to prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen. The reason why is because there’s no aromatase inhibition property in these drugs. Due to this, estrogen levels increase (rather than decline) in Clomid/Nolva users and a whole new set of problems such as “rebound gynecomastia ” can develop.
FORMA-STANZOL differs greatly from Clomid and Nolva because it features both SERMs and suicide aromatase inhibition properties. So you can not only replace these drugs with FORMA, but also any prescription aromatase inhibitors you may be using during PCT. And this is great because you only need one product for Post Cycle Therapy – instead of 2-4 different drugs.
Will my Estrogen Levels remain Low long after using this Compound?
I wish I could tell you that it only took 4-6 weeks of using FORMA-STANZA and your estrogen levels would forever remain low. However, the truth is that FORMA’s deactivation of aromatase enzymes does not permanently disable the body’s ability to synthesize this hormone. Once you stop taking the product, your body’s estrogen production levels will return to normal over time. Luckily though, FORMA-STANZOL keeps estrogen at bay long enough during PCT to prevent major steroid side effects.
Is FORMA-STANZOL only for Post Cycle Therapy?
While many people primarily use this compound in PCT, it can also be effective during a cycle as well as a stand-alone anabolic fat-burner. The latter is usage is nice for those who aren’t on a steroid cycle and have no immediate juicing plans in the future. In regard to how much of the product to use, the next question will explain all of this.
How do I take FORMA-STANZOL?
Apply this subdermal lotion by rubbing it into your skin. The amount of product used depends upon if you’re in the midst of a cycle, in PCT, or using FORMA as a stand-alone fat-burner. Here’s a quick look at how much product to use for each purpose, and remember to start with the lowest recommended dosage and work your way up:
1. On-cycle (for estrogen and progesterone control). – Apply 3-10 pumps twice daily for up to 10 weeks on your upper back, shoulders, arms and abdomen.
2. Stand-alone anabolic fat-burner – Apply 7-10 pumps twice daily for 4-6 weeks on your upper back, shoulders, arms and abdomen.
3. PCT – Apply 3-7 pumps twice daily for 4-6 weeks on your upper back, shoulders, arms and upper abdomen.


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