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A Winstrol cycle is very popular among many performance enhancers; in-fact, the hormone Stanozolol that is Winstrol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time. A moderate Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) based steroid, the basic Winstrol cycle is something completed by many men and women, and often with fantastic results. Even so, there’s a lot of confusion regarding the hormone and the best way to cycle it. Visit a few internet message boards that discuss anabolic steroids and you’ll find a host of varying opinions regarding Stanozolol. They can’t all be right, and for many people this creates a lot of confusion. With that in mind it’s time to squash the myths, let the truth shine through and provide you with the information you need in-order to complete a Winstrol cycle with success. We have listed some of the most popular myths and misconceptions regarding Stanozolol and the proper way to cycle it, and left you with only the truth.

Myth 1:You should always use injectable Winstrol because it is not toxic to the liver as is its oral counterpart.
Truth: Regardless of the form, Stanozolol belongs to the C17-aa family of anabolic steroids, and both are toxic to the liver. Injectable Winstrol is one of the only injectable steroids that carry the C17-aa nature. In any case, if you complete a Winstrol cycle your liver enzyme levels will increase, and it is unavoidable. However, if you are responsible with your use your levels will return to normal shortly after use is discontinued.

Myth 2: You should always choose the injectable form for your Winstrol cycle as it is far more potent.
Truth: This one is a bit more of a slight misconception and not an outright myth. It is true, injectable Stanozolol is more potent than oral Stanozolol but not by much. Regardless of the form you choose, the difference in potency will be miniscule and the same results can be obtained from either form.

Myth 3: Stanozolol is great for off-season cycles because the way it increases strength it will help increase mass.
Truth: It is true, an increase in strength can help you increase mass, but at the same time strength and mass do not go hand-in-hand. Take for example the anabolic steroid Halotestin, there is no steroid that will increase strength like Halotestin, but it will do absolutely nothing to promote mass. In many ways the same can be said of Winstrol. While it will increase strength it will not increase mass in any direct manner; it’s simply not designed for this purpose. However, it can create a nice synergetic effect, largely by the way it works regarding SHBG. Even so, due to its toxic nature and due to it being a relatively poor mass builder, a Winstrol cycle is best served for cutting or for enhancing direct athletic performance.

Myth 4: A Winstrol cycle should never exceed 6 nolvadex weeks.
Truth: The obvious question is what is so magical about 6 weeks? The answer is nothing at all. There is no set in stone perfect time frame; however, we can set guidelines. 6 weeks of use is a fine average and will keep the liver safe. As for a minimal time frame, 4 weeks of use will be our minimal, for if we want to reap any benefit from a Winstrol cycle we need to allow enough time for the hormone to truly be effective. As for a maximum time frame, 8 weeks is usually a good rule of thumb, as anything past 8 weeks will more than likely put too much stress on the liver.

Myth 5: A Winstrol cycle will create cuts in the muscle.
Truth: This one is absolutely ridiculous, but you’ll still find plenty who believe it, especially at your local gym. If you run a Winstrol cycle it won’t create cuts, it doesn’t reshape the muscle. There is no anabolic steroid that can do this, as contrary to public perception there is nothing magical about steroids. The truth, Stanozolol will greatly help with conditioning, it will preserve lean tissue when dieting, and it will create some visual effects. How this works is simple; once lean enough the hormone will cause the muscles to appear harder, it will also increase your vascularity thereby giving you a more cutup look. The hormone will also significantly increase your overall metabolic rate allowing you to burn more fat than you would have otherwise and again, giving your structure a more pleasing or ripped and cutup look.


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