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Originally Posted by Sidewinder
From reading all your comments, I think the general consensus here is that black market testosterone can be contaminated and at dangerous doses, whereas doctor prescribed testosterone will be at safe levels.
So will there still be side effects if my doctor prescribes testosterone that brings my levels up to normal? Won't there also be health problems for NOT taking the prescription and having low testosterone?
The bottom line here is I want ciccone pharma nolvadex side to be a massive bodybuilder, but I don't want man boobs, a calcified heart, or shrunken balls. I want to get a second opinion on what my doctor is prescribing.

One and your asking a bunch of Un Educated fucks for this opinion...why?????
Two...Yes Dr prescribed Test is 100% safe...
Three...Do any of you even know That Pure Test and Anabolic steroids are not even the same GD thing???
God the Knowledge in this thread makes me......

For all you Beta phaggots who want to know wtf is up when it comes to Test and Steriods here ya go.....clickable text
Learn ya self something!!!!


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