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TL;DR - Go get your testosterone levels checked.

I am a few days away from being 26 years old. I anecdotally believe that I have "suffered" from Low-T for most of my adult life. I started TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy, about 12 weeks ago.

While for some it may seem like a taboo issue, to discuss with friends or family, I have had no problems talking to my male friends about the wonders TRT has done for me. And now I talk to you, Reddit.

Growing up I was always skinnyfat. My diet consisted of what ever my brain thought thought would be most pleasing to the pallet. My dad, for as long as I've known him, has been skinnyfat. Whether caused by genetics, poor diet, environmental factors, or whatever, [one thing is for sure, men across the country, on average, are testing lower and lower on their T-scores.](http:/ / It is not clear why this is, maybe too much fast food with bovine hormones in it, maybe you're playing too many video games while sitting for 12 hours a day in a computer chair with poor posture cutting off circulation to your lower body, maybe too many sluts taking estrogen-laden hormonal birth control and pissing it into the drinking water. It doesn't matter. This is a growing problem. If you are a man over 21, you should get tested. It takes 20 minutes and is generally covered by health insurance.

What pushed me over the edge to get tested were my lack luster gains in the gym. I'm not talking like I tried P90X for 3 weeks and expected to look like Arnold. I was hitting the gym, and still am, 6 days a week, eating super clean, for months if not years with minimal time off.

But, I mean, I'm only 25. Low T is for old guys, right? No. I went and got test and my score was in the low 200's. Normal range is 300-1100. So I went and got tested again. Mid 200's. Damn...My balls must not be working right. Oh well, lets fix the problem. Started getting prescribed 140mg of Testosterone Cypionate weekly. Then bumped up to 180mg per week. Holy shit. While this is no where near the level bodybuilders take, holy shit. I have made more progress in the last 12 weeks then in the previous 12 months. But the gym gains aren't even the best part. Anxiety gone. Confidence up. Assertiveness up. I sleep better. Have more energy. Sex drive, off the chart. It's like I'm 15 again and wake up every day with a raging boner. All because of a little shot, once per week.

I'm not a doctor. I'm not a medical professional. I'm just a guy. With balls...that don't work too well. I can't promise you results. All I can do is say this... If you are a man over 21, it's worth 20 minutes of your time and a co-pay to go get tested. You never know.


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